I wake up to the soft hum of the aquarium next to the couch. My tired eyes opened and where greeted with the dim light that managed to peek through the blinds. It seemed late still … must have been the moon.

I pull my blanket back over my shoulders, hoping the hum would SOOTH me rather than cause me to stir in my sleep.  Penny, my turtle faced the glass, as if to watch me while I sleep, her tiny bead like black eyes where so small I could see any emotion if it was there. 

An array of thoughts began to form in the abyss I call my imagination, mostly school and family things. I wondered how they were doing in my absence, and if I was ready to take that test. After a short while my thoughts became so boring it seemed as if my brain was begging me to shut up and sleep! I close my eyes and wait for something to appear in my mind, like a dream.

“Dana … Dana, wake up!”

I groggily open one eye, a thin lair of crust around the corner. My roommate Helen stood at the doorway clutching a small plastic bag. I eye it suspiciously, I didn’t even NEED to be awake or alive to know anything she brought back home was bad news.  I cock a thin black eye brown and pout my lips. Helen said nothing as she dropped the bag on the coffee table.

To my surprise it didn’t land with a “clank” like a wine bottle like I assumed it’d be, nor did it make a “clunk” or a “bang” from any kind of heavy object hitting the hard oak surface  … this sound was more of a squish.  I spot a small hole in the bottom as an odd think substance began to leak out. Helen looked at me for a moment before handing a small little card, with a name written in cursive across a small thin line.

The card was addressed to me. I hesitantly accept it reaching my hand out.

“Dear Dana, … I told you you’d have my heart …”

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