You wake up in a dark room. You have no idea how or when you got there. The last thing you remember is you walking towards a light. You get up and feel around for a light switch. You feel something. It's soft and warm. You immediately recoil in fear and confusion. You continue to feel around in the empty void around you.

Finally, you find a switch. You flip it. In a blinding flash, everything is lit. The room is covered in blood. Except for the thing in the corner. It may at one point in time have been something that resembled a human being. But now, it was a cold hard shell of... something.

It is gray, with rotten flesh and the smell of decay. Suddenly, another appears out of nowhere. Then another. And yet another. Soon the entire room is filled with these "things." You retreat into a corner, terrified of the fate that awaits you and possibly others as the legion of monsters slowly draw closer. 


This work has been copied from Creepypasta Wiki. You may find the original copy there or continue reading here. All works are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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