Tammy Irwin. A young girl, only at the age of seventeen (although her smaller height, 5" gave the impression that she was barely twelve), suffered with Avoidant personality disorder and Intermittent explosive disorder. Even though she lived with her father (Joseph Irwin, he combination of both disorders (including the outrageous bursts of anger and fear or people) meant that she was doomed to solitary confinement, as set up by herself to prevent harm to her father. The only people being allowed too see her being the two psychologists that had worked with Tammy since her order was discovered, at the age of seven.

Suffering with APD had lead to Tammy picking up many nervous habits, including biting her nails down to the skin, picking at her skin and clawing at her own face. The scars that these had left, made her appearance far from the norm for a seventeen year old. Once ivory skin was now torn, so that deep scars were dragged from her eyes to her chin, her lips were so pale and bitten, that they were barely there at all and her once soft hands were now red and rough, constantly bleeding. The psychologists, had of course, taped her hands to prevent this, but she would always find a way, usually gnawing at it, which only strengthened and sharpened her teeth. Tammy was practically a mute, only making an odd clicking sound with her tongue, and tapping obsessively (except for the loud screaming that came along with an IED outburst). The IED also had increased the aggressive behavior, that had once been minor, but now meant that sedatives were being administrated from the moment the psychologists were in the room. Little did they know that her body had adapted to the constant medication, the usual dose now not having any effect on the girl, which they had now named Tix (for her constant clicking).

As she aged, she grew progressively worse, to the point where she was to be transferred to an asylum. The idea, however, did not appeal to her. The two psychologists approached Tix, injecting her with the usual dose of sedative, then preparing her for removal. They were definitely shocked when the girl sprung to life, biting into the neck of the nearest. Strangled chokes sounded as a warning for the other psychologist, who stood there, frozen with fear. The body dropped, Tix launching her small frame onto the other, and biting into his neck too. The blood swirled in her mouth, a warm and satisfying feeling enlightening her to the greatness of murderous ways. The velvet liquid slid down her throat, an approving click being the only noise in the now empty room.

"Click click click, you better watch about for Tix"

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