I woke up in my bed like a normally do. But, this day was not even close to normal! It was still dark out. It was 10:15 AM when I woke up and that isnt a normal time for it to stay dark.

"Mom? Dad?" I call out while I walk into their bedroom. When I get into there, I find my parents on their bed. Dead. There was this creature over them. Eating their flesh.

"STOP!" I scream. He looks up at me and tries to attack me.

"Save her for later Rake." I hear a voice in the shadows call out to the person eating my parents. It's probably not even a person at all. I get up once the 'Rake' continues to eat my parents.

"Do you think that you are going someone human?" The shadow calls to me.

"Leave. Me. Alone." I say in a pissed off voice.

"Haha. Why!" He says back to me stepping out of the shadows. I know him from the creepypastas i read online. He's...he's Jeff the Killer. 

"And what do you want me to do? Huh? You expect me to sit around here all day waiting for that....thing to kill me?! You guys killed my parents and you guys expect me to just sit around here and allow it to happen you stupid thing! I won't allow you guys to kill me or even try and get near me! Do you fucking hear me Jeff!!!" I scream to Jeff and I back him into the wall. 

"Maybe we should just kill her now Jeff." The Rake says in a raspy voice. It's haunting me.

"No." Jeff says back to him. I back up off of him and open the door. I walk out and start getting dressed when someone grabs my hair. 

"Let go of me!" I scream, trying to get out of the grasp of their hands.

"Such a pretty little body." Jeff says behind me. I chill at his voice. He sounds like...he...wants me.

"LET GO OF ME!" I say. As I say that Jeff lets go of my hair and winces. I move my hair in front of my face. It's on fire. I look at my hands and open them. A fire ball appears and I throw it at Jeff making him fall down. 

"I am Ravenous Flame. Try to hurt me and I WILL hurt you back. Cross the paths of hell where freedom is non-existent." I say to Jeff

That is the end of my OC story. Do not steal because it IS copyrighted.

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