In the Silent War, no one went into battle, no shots were fired, no missiles were launched. No congress declared war on the enemy. There were many wounded and quite a few dead though nobody knew what happened until it was all over. All the papers reported the wrong facts (a virus set into their database).

The television was tuned to a morphed image of the Great Leader gibbering about his sex life and making obscene gestures with a hand that was not really there. Whenever he spoke into the radio, a keyboard faraway rendered his words into repetitive verses in Pig Latin.

The Internet (now called by a different name) was also affected. Broad bands of jabbering chimpanzees buggering each other filled palm sets across the land. Languages not known to man (save for a faithful, fighting hack or two) spoke into telephones (that yet archaic device), demanding surrender from the most powerless. All as the populace howled insanely and ran for cover.

Our country returned fire as best it could. Logic bombs were let loose into the enemy’s war-shield high above in space and for a time spammers ruled the realm. But all that did was cause laughter among the hackers as they set about raiding the accounts of old Bill Gates and his thoughtful minions. The army gathered together in its hideaway, preparing its Sender for an attack into the minds of many. But the lawyers held for all, filing brief after brief in support of international norms (never mind that the United Nations was now an interim memory). As the enemy gave code into the networks. Felling the power grids and life support systems of every hospital in the nation.

When the bits and bytes of countless raids settled, all that was left was a few armed campfires full of hobos sharing some distant memory. The world could begin again.

Written by Will Mayo  Content is available under CC-BY-SA


This work has been copied from Creepypasta Wiki. You may find the original copy there or continue reading here. All works are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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