When I was about 6 I had an Imaginary Friend. I called it 'The Pink' but my parents called it 'The Pink Thing' for reasons I don't understand.

The thing was apparently Pink with Dull-Green eyes. It was fluffy and had a high Pitch voice.

Apparently I use to stare up at the top wall, the part where the Wall and Roof would connect. I'd stare and talk, sometimes laugh. My parents were always feeling weird when I'd talk, apparently un-welcomed in a way.

But one day, I was screaming and crying. I had a scratch mark on my left leg and it was glowing Red. My parents asked who did it but all I did was point to the corner.

Another thing happened after that where I was locked in a closet, my parents asked what happened and I just repeated the words 'Pink.'

After that they got the house "Blessed," I had no Imaginary friend and my Parents didn't feel weird or unwelcome after it.

But my parents never looked in that corner ever again for some reason, probably due to what happened with me.

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