In the abandoned basement of a regional hospital in Palm Bay, Florida, the spirit of a little girl who took her father's life hangs around, playing with dolls. Though she maybe your typical cute little girl, her eyes are missing and she's crying tears of blood, causing her snow-white dress to become stained slightly with scarlet. If she asks you to sit down and play with her, accept. She won't hurt you. If she asks you does she have pretty eyes, compliment her, no matter how freaked out and scared you are.

If the response is genuine, she will giggle and skip away. She'll tell you to look in your pocket, especially your wallet. Open it, you will find a wad of fresh crisp twenty and fifty dollar bills that will make the stitches in your wallet come undone. Take the money and thank the little girl.

Be warned, if you decline her invitation to play with dolls. She will tackle you and slash you to ribbons with the same knife she used to kill her daddy and she'll rip your eyes out. You will die and become a tormented spirit stuck forever in the basement of the hospital.

If you tell her to apologize for killing her father, she will leave you alone and be on her way. If this is done with her father present and he accepts her apology, you will have no more fights with those closest to you and your thinking will be more clearer, giving you a new lease on life.