The Demonic Toddler Police reported Daniel dead at 11 o'clock west Virginia 2014. Daniel was a middle age boy growing up in a secluded are with his Gran and his infant brother Kyle. His Gran went out late to speak to the nearby by neighbour and left Daniel alone to baby sit Kyle in the kitchen. Then the creepiness surrounded the area Daniel turned round to Kyle to find him with a sinister look on his face there was no emotion like normal Kyle did not cry, laugh or cough he just starred. Daniel got bored and went through to his room to grab his phone so he could watch YouTube while his brother sat in his high chair but when Daniel went through to the kitchen again he saw something much more creepier than someone ordinary would expect. He found Kyle on the floor in the corner of the room staring at the wall with a pool of blood surrounding him making Daniel insecure. Kyle twisted his head round not moving his body with very creepy black outlined eyes and nothing but beady small,white pupils. Kyle then span his head around, dipped his finger in the blood and began to spell "666" on the wall making Daniel freak out. Daniel ran to his room to find a note on his wall saying "Don't try and escape you will regret it". Daniel turned around to find Kyle crawling towards the door as Daniel slammed the door shut. Daniel thought in his room he could be safe but to his mistake you can't hide from the devil. Kyle appeared at the window with a peculiar smirk on his face as he began taping a picture to the outside of the window. Daniel began to walk towards the window and saw the picture was of him but with a rope round his neck and him with tears down both eyes. Daniel opened his door and ran towards his main hallway to find a human attached to rope hanging from the ceiling with again a note saying "666" Daniel took out his phone to take a picture suddenly seeing nothing but blackness. On March the 15th 2014 Daniel was reported dead and no evidence was found but a picture of a demonic baby on Daniel's phone.

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