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This is the closest image I can find that would fit from my memory.

I don't know what this memory is from but I guarantee you that anything I write here... it's 100% true. This actually happened to me.

I was young, I had to be from anywhere between 5-8. I can't place it because the memory is a lot like a dream to me even now. 

Though I was on the floor, alone in my basement bedroom, watching TV and playing with legos to entertain myself. It wasn't until I realized an odd commercial had caught my attention. Watching it I saw boys and girls... running in fields as an overvoice spoke. The exact wording is off due to my memory being skewed from a whole different ordeal. But the voice said...

"This drug should never be used by anyone, ever. Even this commercial will never be played again after this." 

My young mind wasn't sure how to comprehend this and when I brought it up to my Mom and Grandmother, both of who are no strangers to the darker side of the world, even they told me I had been dreaming and I had nothing to worry about. Even so... I find myself 10–13 years later with a clear memory of this commercial and what that ominous over voice. That was the first time I had ever encountered something so odd... 

I post this here to see maybe I'm not crazy... that this memory is not just a dream...


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