The time was 11:39 AM, still practically the morning, the storms rolling around, rain coming down, and lightning cracking in the sky like any other day. A young lady, was only sitting on her couch, flipping through a few channels to watch in the rain, when she had heard a simple phone call ringing from her cellphone. Putting down the remote and walking toward the kitchen, she looked at the number and was quite unfamiliar with it, though decided to take call and put the cell to her ear.

"Come to the basement..." said a voice, as if it were a little girl's voice. "...come." The lady was in shock and terror, and armed herself with a knife, coming toward the door and keeping the cellphone to her ear.

"No knives..." the voice whispered once the lady came to the door. The lady was hesitant, though had dropped the knife completely when the voice yelled the same phrase. Oddly enough, it wasn't heard from the basement, only on the cell phone.

With much hesitation and reluctance, the woman finally opened her door, and what she had seen was a tall and albino female figure, as if in her young teens, looking up at her with red eyes and a simple grimace. The lady had soon slammed the door shut and ran, ran away toward her neighbor's home, in where her neighbor called police.

...though nothing, not even a shred of clothing, was found... Not a trace of the call... No history of the call...

It was as if the caller was simply a hallucination...

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