This is Neve. And this is Olivia. They're best friends, Neve is 13 and Olivia is 14. Neve had wavy brown hair, blue eyes and dotted freckles over her face. Olivia had blonde straight hair, perfect fringe, chocolate brown eyes and she was mostly happy.

As the sun shone bright in the sky Neve and Olivia came out of their dorms in the orphanage. They were there because their mothers were dead and they had no farther. Neve and Olivia climbed out if their bunks as they came to the dining room where their breakfast was. Millions of children then came walking in.. Where's Sebastian? Where is he? Neve wondered as she glanced around the room for him as she felt a hand behind her, she turned around and there was Sebastian. He grinned.

"Why is Madame Letele not here?" Olivia asks suprised.

"She's there." Neve says as she points to a lady, caramel brown hair, black eyes and rosy lips wearing a puffy raven dress.

"She looks different." Olivia says. Neve nods in agreement, when the ground rumbled. Beneath Neve and Olivia as they fell in, now they bravley tell their stories from their experience.


I walked hopelessly through the darkness looking around shivering in the coldness. The hard walls enclosing me side to side, I came along a pathway leading into a wooden inn. I crept in as I looked around...

"Is anyone there?" Someone asks as the floorboard I was currently on creaked.

"Yes, my name is Neve." I say positively.

The boy seemed to be about my age. He walked towards me. His floppy blond hair

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