Blood lusted monsters, on every god-forsaken corner!

I was outnumbered, and so were some Mexicans coming from the border!

I had two goals, sacrifice my self to save these Mexicans.

Or, Save myself, which would lead to the savings of millions of Americans.

I had these two choices, but I had to just pick one!

My Head was spiraling out of control, I knew that something was to be done.

I chose to save myself, and the outcome....

Every Mexican, Bludgeoned to death, by these demonic creatures, and I felt guilt.

I managed to escape with my life....But what was I to gain from this? A nice fluffy quilt!!!

No, this just made it much worse, remorseless monsters, Murdering and destroyoung another persons soul!

I have to turn back, and risk my life to avenging the demise of my loved ones, and the demise of these innocent my true goal.

(To Be Continued)

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