Shopping list:

Two bags of Dole™ Seven Lettuces

Two large sweet vidalia onions

One package of cherry tomatoes

Two stalks of Broccoli

Fresh celery

One fresh cucumber

One package of hard boiled eggs

One pack of croûtons

One green bell pepper

One bag of Sargento shredded cheddar cheese

One bag of baby spinach (if Dole is not available,

any fresh brand will do!)

One can of baby corn

One small jar of Mt. Olive Mild Banana Pepper Rings

Fat-Free salad dressing of your choice

Red Wine Vinaigrette dressing

Fresh boneless chicken breasts

Preparing salad:

Open the two bags of seven lettuce into a large bowl, set aside. Chop up onions into the desired thickness or thiness you want, throw into lettuce. Wash cherry tomatoes thoroughly under cold water and put into lettuce. Wash broccoli under water, and cut into tiny florets, throw in with lettuce. Dice up celery and throw into salad mixture. Wash cucumber and cut into coin slices. Shred at least three hard boiled eggs into a small bowl and place aside for now. De-seed and dice green bell pepper into square pieces. Open bag of baby spinach and place into a large bowl, combine with lettuce and other veggies. Open can of baby corn, and drain juices. Open jar of mild banana pepper rings and add into salad mix. Cover salad bowl and shake ingredients until mixed around, place into fridge to keep cold.

Preparing chicken:

Have one large non-stick or oiled skillet ready, on medium heat. Take several to four boneless chicken breasts and pound until tender. Cut into small slender (no pun intended) pieces and throw into skillet. Mix with Red Wine Vinaigrette dressing, siring the chicken, reducing heat. Stir chicken around in pan until nice and golden brown, or until chicken is white. If pan becomes too hot, add some cooking wine or Sherrie if you have any, or add a small amount of water to cool pan off. To ensure the quality of the chicken, cut a small piece off and sample to taste. If it tastes juicy and tender, that means the chicken is done. Remove chicken from skillet and place in a large bowl, let cool for 2 minutes.

Finishing salad:

Take salad mix out of fridge, add shredded cheese and croûtons. While still in large bowl, shake around again. Add chicken, and your favorite fat-free salad dressing. Yummy for the tummy, good for the waist, and awesome on a hot summer day when you want something icy cold and refreshing!

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