The weather sure is gloomy... Hi, my name is Ren Izumi, but just call me Ren. I´m currently hiding 'cause I have done some stupid things and i don´t know what to do. I am a energetic person, but can tend to be a bit silent and shy at times. I´m 17 years old and I live with my family... or I did.

...Until they were killed... I have always had this power to... how to explain it... manipulate people... like if I told someone to do something either indirect or direct, they would do as I told them to. But my power isn´t just a gift,... its also a curse for me... If i tell people to kill themselves ..... they do ... I should just tell you now that this is a recorded message, so there is no point to even try and find me, 'cause I´m long gone by the time anyone finds this ... so i guess i can tell you people a bit about myself.

I, myself, for instance hate rain, but I like cloudy days. I hate sports and I love music .... a lot. In fact the music is the only thing that keeps me sane for the moment ... It kept my mother alive for so long as it did... You see .... I spoke by mistake and said, "The weather sure is gloomy, well thats not gonna kill you right?"

That was my mistake... I had no choice but to kill her... My father was dead due to drunk driving, and my younger sister died with him ... So I had to run away ... I took the metal baseball bat in my room and ran away from home... The police is trying to find me... The only thing that keeps me sane now is my music...

At least five hours a day is needed. But I´m still sane.

I have to go now ...

I can hear footsteps outside the warehouse door...

The weather sure is gloomy outside, but that won´t kill you... will it?

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