The only wooden chair creaked in protest, as mom mother rocked back and forth. Her “eyes” fixed on the window. She seemed to be lost in thought, or just trying to empty her mind. An empty human scotch bottle clutched tightly in her hand.

I wanted to ask if work was okay, if something had happened, but I was almost intimidated by the utter silence in the room. I pull the blanket off the couch, and make my way to the room. Its best to avoid Mom when she gets like this, so cold and emotionless, though I can’t say being around her otherwise is anymore pleasant.

“Larmes,” she began. “close the door…” The growl in her voice was low, but audible. I obey mother and close the door, draping my blanket over my shoulder. Pressing my ear to the door I could just barely hear her walking down the hall.


Right pass the room. Something in me wanted to ask what she was doing, but I was scared, scared of my mother.

“Mom…?” no response, only a silent scoffing. The quiet felt like an eternity, her shoes no longer dragged along the shag carpet of the hallway.

I turn the knob and push the door open, she stood in front of the open window, staring down at the passing cars. Mom’s fingers curled up into a quivering fist.

“Mom?” I repeat. She turns around, with zero expression. Mom stares at me, it felt like she was staring through me.

“.........Race you down staires.” She set the bottle down, backing up, though keeping her face away from the window. I walk forward holding my hands out. I was scared, even my bones were shaking.

“Mom please, what’s wrong?!” I beg. She shakes her head and holds her arms out, stepping back once more. My voice cracks and I let out a shrill scream as my mother falls from our top story window to the ground of the world below.

I could hear cars honking and people screaming as I fell to my knees and crawled to the window, tears running down my chin. She laid with her arms out, and her back in the pavement. I could swear she was almost smiling, but I couldn’t tell from the window.

She had never been an overjoyed woman, but I never thought that she’d…….

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