On the Tanzanian island of Pemba, there lives something otherworldly called the Popobawa. It is a nocturnal creature that rapes it's victims when they are trying to sleep. It doesn't matter what it will rape, it will do it to either men, women, or children. The Popobawa apparently tell it's victim while sodomizing them that they must confess what happened to them or else it will continue to rape them. One of the signs of the creature's presence is a sulfur-like smell. It is a recent monster that appeared in the 1960s after the Zanzibar Island revolutions. No one knows where it came from, but there is a legend on the island that said that an Arab sheikh released a djinni to take vengeance on his neighbors for some type of wrongdoing. However, he could not control it and it became evil. Plus, Popobawa attacks appear during politcal occurences, but there is a report once in awhile of it attacking when there are no elections happening. The description of the creature is said to be be humanoid/bat-like and cyclopean with an erect penis, but it is also said to be a shapeshifter that can turn into an animal or human and this can basically turn into a moral panic where people have been accused of being the Popobawa and have been beaten, sometimes to death. During a Popobawa panic, people will have to camp outside around a fire in case no one wants to get sodomized by the evil creature. Since Zanzibar and Tanzania are mostly Islamic, the Popobawa can be repelled by holding and reciting the Qur'an like how demons in the Christian world can be warded off that way with the Bible, and a charm made out of a bundle of the pages of the Qur'an just like how demons and vampires in the Christian world are afraid of crucifixes. If you do visit that island, bring a Qur'an with you in case of a panic like this happens to occur and if you don't believe in the Popobawa, it will end up doing to you what it has been doing to the natives that don't believe in it
The Popobawa


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