Jonathan and Anastasia Jacoby were married when Johnathan was 18 and Anastasia was only 16. They loved each other dearly and lived a wonderful life together. As they aged, they only became closer and loved each other all the more. 

They were married for 80 years, when at 98 years old, Jonathan's body finally gave out and he died in his sleep. When Anastasia tried to wake him the next morning, she was heart-broken to find he was gone. She called her children and grandchildren to come home to bury Jonathan. 

Jonathan's body was prepared, the grave was dug in the cemetary, and the next day they buried Jonathan. Anastasia was very sad and that night was the first time in 80 years she had to go to bed all alone. 

Later that night, Anastasia woke with a start! Outside, there were flashes of lightning and cracks of thunder. She looked at the clock and it was 11:54pm. It was a quickly moving storm, and after about 5 minutes, it passed by and Anastasia began to fall back asleep. 

But, just then the phone rang - it was midnight. Anastasia answered it, "Hello?" 

Anastasia heard a voice, "Annie." - it was Jonathan's voice! 

"Anastasia, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I love you..." 

But, Jonathan was dead! This shocked Anastasia so terribly, she screamed, dropped the phone, and died of a heart attack! 

The next morning, her children came to check on her before they left for their own homes and they found her dead. Needless to say, this was a very sad day, but it is not uncommon for people that have lived their lives together to die at nearly the same time. 

So, the family prepared for one more burial that afternoon. 

As they proceeded with Anastasia's body to the cemetary to lay her next to Jonathan, they saw the strangest thing... 

The phone in Jonathan's mausoleum was off the hook... 

Red Analog Phone1-300x200

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