I always wondered. Why does it always have to end happily?

So I have decided to write my little twist.

In my ugly twist, the evil step-mother and the bitchy twins actually recognize Cinderella at the Royal Ball. After the ball, the step-mother and the twins arrive home earlier and hide in Cinderella's room to torture her for leaving the house.

When Cinderella arrives, the step-mom hits her in the back of the head with cane, causing her to pass out. The twins grab a pair of scissors and cut her hair in the most ruthless way. She had some bald spots where the scalp was bleeding and some spots where little hair remained. As they were about to rip her clothes, Cinderella opened her eyes. She looked in the mirror and screamed at her horrendous image.

The step-mother tied her up with a rope while the twins hit her with the cane brutally. Once they were done, her face was too swollen to be recognized. They thought this was the perfect opportunity to lock her away in the cellar. The step-mother tore away her clothes and burned it. They threw her into the cellar and locked it. After that, they made sure the cat ate all the mice in the house so they couldn't help their precious friend.

Cinderella woke up sore after a few hours and saw that she was locked in the cellar. She screamed for help but found it useless. Days passed and Cinderella died from malnourishment. Months passed and her body was just rotten flesh. Time passed and the prince couldn't seem to find her so he found another woman to marry. The step-mother and twins kept living their lives without any pinch of guilt or regret.

Everyone forgot about her.

The End


This work has been copied from Creepypasta Wiki. You may find the original copy there or continue reading here. All works are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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