It was already after dark as 6-year-old Alanna was in bed. With her Spongebob Squarepants plush toy near her, and a soothing fiber optic night light illuminating various rainbow hues, she was ready to go to bed and turn in for a
good night's sleep. She was looking forward to Halloween which was only a few days away and anticipate trick or treating.

Deep into the night, nestled under her blankets, and indulging in the warmth of the central heating unit, the
little girl was soon startled out of sleep when she heard branches scraping against her window. Don't get scared,
she told herself. It's just the trees outside my window, and it's pretty windy tonight, mommy told me I'm safe.
Alanna grabbed her Spongebob plushy close to her and moved her head under the covers. No monster will get me
as long as I'm under the covers,
she said to herself. Just then, she heard a thumping in her closet. Not loud enough to totally scare her, but it was as if someone was knocking on a board that was covered in cotton.


What was going on? Alanna was now starting to freak out. She wanted to call her parents, but she wanted to prove to
them that she was a big girl and had nothing to be scared of. Just then, a 7' 2" hulking form that was a combination of Sweetums and an Ewok came out of her closet with some other monsters. There were a total of three. The leader of the trio tapped lightly on Alanna's blanket.

"Hey, kid, are those Toffee Crunch cookies?" the monster leader asked in a deep voice. His voice was like a combination of the Lion King's Mufasa and Hector the Bulldog from Looney Tunes. The monster leader's two other friends gleefully waited for a response. Alanna poked her head up from the covers, seeing that the monsters were not all that ominous.

"Yeah," Alanna said, smiling, "want some?"

The two other monsters yelled happily when the little girl responded and commenced to snack.

"Thanks, sweetie," one of the monsters said to Alanna. The monster was girl monster with a pink bow in her head. "We were really craving something sweet."

"I thought you ate people?" Alanna asked.

"Ew, no. We eat sweets, silly billy gumdrops!" The monster leader said happily, playfully rustling Alanna's hair.

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