There was a short period while I was in High School that still gives me the chills. I remember it like it was yesterday. Everything had seemed so normal, and then something changed. Days went by and I began to have trouble sleeping.

My room in the basement was already a little eerie, a whole floor away from anyone else and with an exterior entrance that could allow anyone to break in possibly unbeknownst to my family.

I woke up in a panic one night, a sound had awoken me. I lay still, trying not to breathe and listening for the sound that had broken my sleep. Suddenly I heard it. A quiet, evil sounding laugh.

I closed my eyes tightly, telling myself I had imagined it. But I heard it again. An eerie childlike laugh that sounded very nearby. I convinced myself I was just half asleep, and was finally able to doze back off. When I woke the next morning it seemed like a dream, and I brushed it off.

Days later I was awoken again in the middle of the night by a loud crash in the room. I jumped awake, panicking and breathing heavily. I peered into the darkness, wondering what could have possibly made the sound. Suddenly I heard the laughter again, this time it seemed to be coming across the room. I listened closely. I heard another sound, even more bone chilling than the laughter. Footsteps. Small and quick, but very distinct. I jumped from my bed and flipped on the light switch.

As the light hit my eyes, I squinted and peered around the room. That's when I noticed what had made the sound that had woken me up. On my desk had sat a jar filled with pencils, and it had been tipped over. The pencils were strewn all over the desk. It was a heavy jar. It could not have fallen over without being touched. I grabbed the pillow from my bed and bolted out of my room and up the stairs. Something was happening in that room.

As I nestled into the couch outside my parents bedroom, I felt much safer and at ease. I began replaying the events of the past few nights and trying to come up with a logical explanation. But suddenly it hit me, the only variable factor that could have caused these things to happen.

Days prior I had invited my "boyfriend" over on New Year's Eve. Moments before he arrived I realized my Magic Attic Club doll "Rose" was sitting in plain sight in my room. I hastily tossed her under the bed so she wouldn't be seen. We rang in the New Year and I didn't give another thought to the doll under my bed.

The doll under my bed. Could it be possible?

The next day I found Rose lying underneath my bed. But something seemed odd. She was laying on her side, and almost seemed to be looking at me when I knelt down. I quickly removed her and placed her back on the shelf where she had previously lived.

I slept soundly that night, and every night after. As terrifying as it is to admit or believe, I don't find this to be a coincidence. Everyone has toys at some point in their lives that they imagine are alive. But what if they really are?


This work has been copied from Creepypasta Wiki. You may find the original copy there or continue reading here. All works are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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