Legless little snow princess creepypasta oc s by pierre1987-da4o5wf
Elisa was a little very kind girl, she was very friendly and a little bit shy, she lived in a loving family, they always go on vacation to the mountain during Christmas or just for fun. Her parents sister and brother always have fun with her, she has a very bright smile because she knew that her family loved her, but one cold night when Elisa went outside to go find firewood for the cabin, she heard something who came from behind of one of the trees. 

So, she decided to go see who was there, but when she went to the tree nobody was there, so, she go in the cabin to  finally find the fire wood, but after she went there she heard the same footsteps, someone was in the cabin with her, she believe it was her older brother Florian or Talia her older sister who tried to prank her, but when she turn around she see a man with a hatchet in his hand, Elisa was now trapped the man seem to be in his twenty year old and very young in his winter clothes but he has jeans.

Elisa wanted to scream, but the man scuffed her scream and kidnapped her and put her in his car and run off before someone see him and discover the young girl was about to be missing, so, after some hours, Elisa was scared not knowing what will happen to her, when the car stop in a dark forest where it was just the moonshine without any houses around, the young man knew that no one will notice him hurt  the young girl.

So, he get out of his car grabbing the young girl and take all of her winter clothes off, he pushed her to the cold snow, Elisa tried to back off  to run, but the man grabbed her by the hair and throw her again on the snow, so, she can't not move and she was finally about to be sleepy, it was at that moment that the young man take his hatchet in the snow and cut off  both of her legs, Elisa scream in pain after both of her legs was cut off. So, she was still alive just for see the car run off and let her there to died, when the cops was finally call after she was missing, they go in the forest later they found her body legless and bloody, she was with her white dress as snow and her skin was now pale, but since that day she's now a ghost in the forest waiting for the man return, because since that horrible day she waiting to have her revenge, but she's also grieving  her family and she does watch over them every night since that day.

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