Shopping List:

Boneless Chicken Breasts (Fresh)

Panko Crumbs


McCormick Grill Mates Fiery 5 Pepper Seasoning

Habanero Tabasco Sauce

Hidden Valley Southwest Chipolte Ranch Dressing

Crushed Red Pepper Seasoning

Cayenne Pepper

Onion Powder

Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce

Fresh Celery

Kraft Blue Cheese Dressing

Habanero Peppers

Jalapeño Peppers

Cooking Oil


1. Arrange a few fresh boneless chicken breasts on your cutting board and cut into medium square pieces. Wash under cold water thoroughly, put in bowl, place aside.

2. Crack one egg into a separate bowl, whisk with a fork, add a small amount of cayenne pepper, lightly sprinkle crushed red pepper seasoning, and onion powder into the beaten egg. Stir in seasonings. Place aside next to bowl of chicken.

3. Dice the desired amount of habanero and jalapeño peppers you want and place in *food processor. Add the Habanero Tabasco Sauce and Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce into the pepper mix. Run food processor until peppers look like a fine salsa. Empty from food processor and place in separate bowl. This will be the marinade for the chicken pieces.

4. Add 3 cups of flour into separate bowl, season with salt and pepper for flavor. Sift flour, salt and pepper.

5. Add cooking oil to large pot or deep fryer, heat to 350 degrees.

6. Add the remaining amount of McCormick Fiery 5 seasoning to the panko crumbs, sift.

Preparing the chicken:

Add the boneless chicken pieces into your bowl of hot pepper marinade and place in fridge (wrapped), and let marinade for 5 hours.

Dip the marinaded chicken into the seasoned egg yolk, thoroughly roll in flour and place on place. Put in freezer for 1 hour so the egg and flour will solidify on the chicken.

Place chicken pieces in heated oil, cook for 40 seconds.

Retrieve quickly, dip in egg again, roll in panko crumbs, return to oil.

Cook chicken until pieces float to top of oil, the chicken becoming golden brown.

Let chicken dry on paper towel.

Pour remaining hot sauces into a zip-loc bag or plastic container, throw in hot chicken.

Shake well, soaking the chicken into the hot sauces. Remove from container and place in big bowl.

Squirt a generous amount of Hidden Valley Chipolte Ranch into a dipping cup for your buffalo bites.

Cut a few pieces of ice cold celery to stick form and pour your desired amount of Kraft Blue Cheese Dressing into a dipping cup.


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