Red. The color that shines on an apple, the color that breathes anger. The color that mixes with orange in the skies, the color that we see first in our crayon box. Red seems so violent, though, you must see the better side of it, no? Red - the color that drips off our arms, the color that splatters on the floor in puddles, making a mess. The color that screams 'pain' and 'agony', the color that slashes a knife, the color that pours out of our mouths. see the best side of Red, don't you?


Vera R. Conley. Vera didn't like Red. What a shame. I decided she had to learn how great a color it was. Vera went to bed at 8 PM. I snuck under her door with a red little doll with red little clothes and red little eyes. Little streaks of red rippled in her hair, how pretty. I walked to Vera and took a little red instrument, writing a little red line on her throat. Look, she's awake! Red began to pour out her mouth. Why are you struggling? Don't you like Red now, Vera? Soon, she fell back asleep. She looks so peaceful! I placed the doll next to her so she had someone to sleep with.

(EDITOR NOTE: okay im really busy, so this is gonna be a WIP. s0ri-)

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