People have been trying to make contact with the dead for centuries ever since the first person died. Many have tried to use several forms to contact the dead from soothsayers and psychics, to the most popular, the Ouija Board. The results vary from time to time, and no one knows if it can actually work. But there is an unknown way to summon the ghost of those who've passed away. The following method is a guide to summoning a ghost.

1. Go to your local graveyard and find the person (who is obviously deceased) you want to talk to.

2. Wait until the witching hour which Midnight or 3:00 a.m. since that is when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. Doing it on a day that is associated with death ( Halloween for example) will get better results.

3. Make sure to bring salt and a religious amulet for example: if you are a Christian you bring a cross, if you are Jewish/Muslim you bring a Hamsa, if you are pagan/Wiccan use a medallion of Pan) for protection.

4. Make a circle of salt around you for protection from the spirit(s).

5. Cut or poke yourself so you can use your own blood to attract the spirit you want, but be careful for blood also attracts negative spirits such as demons and other beings which is why you need that religious amulet.

6. Say "I call for the spirit of _____ for I seek an answer from him/her by the command of ______". Wait for awhile, and the ghost of the person you want to talk to will appear.

7. As a rule, do not insult the ghost. Even though you have your protective amulet/ talisman and a circle of salt, it will wait for you to leave it. It will either attack you once you've stepped out of the salt circle or it will follow you home and haunt you for the rest of your life.

As a precaution, do not do this ritual over the grave of a known criminal such as a serial killer for example, for they are one of the worst type of spirit to have haunting you.

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