If You Want to become a admin, then here are the steps of stairs to become one.

  1. You Must be Older then 15 or over. If under, you may become a moderator but not a admin. Now please we dont have a chat room so no need for chat moderators
  2. You Have to have more than 500 edits total on your profile.
  3. You have to be on this wiki longer than a year. So that we know that you are not a troll, a mind**** kid or a hacker.
  4. If you spam saying "I WANT ADMIN!" on MrAngryDogs Message wall, you will get a 1 week ban and you will NOT get admin because we can tell you are a kid under 13 or some person who wants to DESTORY OUR WIKI.
  5. If you are, Older than 15, as more than 500 edits, Has been on this wiki longer than a year and have not SPAMED ANYTHING, You are allowed to be a admin how ever you have to ask MrAngryDog

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