(This Story is made to show people not to make stupid storys, you may edited this page and put a story here)


One day i was looking for games like minecraft, portal and call of duty. I found a copy of pokemon silver. I ask the casher and he said you can have it for free. I was like ALL MY GOD I GET POKEMON FOR FREE!!!!!!!!

I ran home, Put my pokemon game in the dishwasher and play some pokemon. My eyes pop out and i scream. But it was fake eyes. I notice that the game was hacked. I got my first pokemon. The name of the pokemon was name YOU WILL DIE MR.

A textbox appear. It said " DO YoU WaNt To PLaY A GaMe? " The map was all on fire. Everything was red and black. I saw a doll with blood. I think it was tails doll. 

The game went pitch black. I saw the doll launghing and screaming at the sametime. The doll ran out the sceen and kill me.

Generic Jeff the Killer rip off:

There once was a boy who got a terrible accident and got all misshapen because of bullies and then kills his family for no reason because of Supid bullies

(more storys to com)

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