and Garret Guar was a serial killer who was born in 1970 and died 16 years later.

Lead to insanity:

When he was 6, his parents, his Dad killed himself to end his depression. His mother couldn't handle the stress of supporting a child with no help, so she sent him to an orphanage. The orphanage was a bad home, however, and he was regularly beaten by both the adults and the other kids. He snapped into insanity when another kid in the orphanage had ripped his only picture of his mother into pieces. Garret had grabbed his scissors from his back pocket, and stabbed him in both his eyes. Garret then shoved him out of the 3 story window onto the concrete, killing him. Garret then ran away. He then smuggled a gun to the orphanage and shot about 20 people. He then escaped and faked his own death to be sure. 

Murder of 2 brothers:

When he was 13, he lured two 4 year old twin brothers into an abandoned building, where he brutally stabbed both to death.

Murder of Carly:

One day when he was 14, Garret had decided to kill a girl named Carly. She was a baby. He silently took Carly from her stroller, away from her parents. He then took her to the abandoned house and stuffed her into the microwave, and watched her burn.

Murder of unidentified adult:

one day after Garret had murdered someone, an unknown adult had apparently spotted him and threatened to call the cops. Garret responded by shooting the phone out of his hand, then slitting his throat with his knife.


He had assumably killed 38 more people across the timespan of his life. He had often killed them in brutal ways, then sold their dead bodies to a local necrophile cult, witch made him enough money to survive.  

loss of income:

Garret had lost much income due to the arrests of the local necrophile cult.

thief occupation:

Garret had stolen and robed stores to keep him afloat for a while. He did this throughout the last two months of his life.


Garret had gone to rob a convenience store to get money to get him food, water, and stuff to survive. He pointed the gun at the clerk and made him put all the money in the cash register in his bag. The clerk did that, but also pressed the silent alarm. 

Garret had seen it, and shot the clerk dead. Garret ran out, the police found out on the cameras what had happened. In a few hours, the police found Garret's location at the abandoned house and had cornered him. Garret, however, had grabbed his gun and shot himself before the police could arrest him.

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