"Mum, can I go on the computer?" Sadie said waiting for her mother to say 'yes' "no, you do know that there is a virus so the computer can't be touched" her mother said cutting up carrots "but I'm not the one who put it on there, and besides, that virus only puts fake ads on there" "Sadie... how do you know that?" her mother said while doing a 'you're busted' smile "what did I just say... COMMING DAD!" Sadie said trying to skip the convosation. Sadie ran up the stairs and turned around makeing shure her mother wasint looking "time to look at dresses" Sadie wispered. She then ran to the computer room and logged on "Tummylovvey111222333" she said writing in the user name part "Dollsstabbloominsadie9876543210" Sadie write on the password section. "So many ads" she said clicking out of them. She then clicked on the google short-cut. 'Hot dresses of 2013' Sadie write. She scrolled down and down untill she saw a dress that cought her eye, a dress that had a brown fluffly scarf with a dress that looked like skin, "wow, I must have that" She said. After Sadie finished admiring her soon to be her dress she logged off. Sadie ran as fast as she could down the stairs and then to her mother "Sadie, why are you so excited?" her mother said looking at her "I. Found. A. New. Dress". Her mother turned around then said "you're not getting it" "WHAT?!?!?!, why I mean I've been so so so so good and havint disobaied anything you've said I mean like, WHAT THE HELL MUM?!?!?!" "you wen't on the computer when I said not too" "that's thing" Sadie said with her voice tone going lower with each word. "Twice a day 7 days a week, I'm very dissapointed" "BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT.....ummm... fine!"  Sadie said storming to her room "if she wont buy me it, I'll just have to make it...soon!

Sadie got her sissors and pin, neddle and went into the cupboard and grabbed the fabric that looked the most like peach, skin-tone. She cut out one piece then onother and onother untill she finished cutting out all the pieces that she needed. "Hmmmmmm, maybe this isin't a good idea, it'll be my first time so it won't be perfect... what the hell i'm gonna do it" Sadie said. she dropped the pin and neddle and picked up the fabric and placed it where it needed to go and then she started to make the dress. *Two hours later* Sadie finished the dress

STILL NOT FINISHED, so please don't delete this story

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