Lullaby for a Prince and Princess

Lullaby for a Prince and Princess

Candy Cane and Candy Pop

CC and CP

Once Upon a Time

Ireland, 1400’s

          Once upon a time in a kingdom of ice and snow. The empire was under a cold spell of winter at this time, the night was young, almost too beautiful to be even called a night. The stars sparkled. So serene, so quiet, almost as if they had been silenced and all that remained was their shiny husks of gas and light. A 6-young girl with curly auburn hair named Alexa could feel a cold draft coming in through a crack in the window. The cold chill went through her like knives. The young princess shook and simply, grabbed a cloth from her dresser drawer of oak and quickly ran to put the handkerchief into the little crack. The cold draft soon stopped coming into the cold room and soon overtime. The cold room of stone and wood soon then turned cozy and safe with the fire that burned so brightly. The fire made the young princess feel so safe. Her room was her own sanctum and there was no place that she felt more at home.  

        Alexa drifted back to her window where she sat and gazed upon the stars. The glittering lights, she believed were angels. Alexa laughed and could only clap her little hands in delight. The young princess jumped down with joy and twirled all around her room. Alexa grabbed one of her dolls and danced with it. The little doll’s smile was serene and silent. A sweet embracing smiles such fitting for a tiny doll. Alexa danced and danced until, she would no longer dance anymore. Soon, the young princess grew tired, falls upon the floor of oak wood, and gazed at the ceiling. Alexa hugged her little doll and sat up dusting her dress of black and green. Upon the green was set floral patterns of flowers while the black covered to her neck and then to her sleeves, embedded on the silky black textures where her chest is a tiny pink flower. Alexa looked at the grandfather clock and fell back once more putting her little feet on the dashboard of the craved oak. The young princess watched the pendulum of the clock sway back and forth making ticking sounds. Alexa joined in making her eyes sway back and forth following the clock and clicking her tongue to mimic the sounds the clock made.

        Time passed and Alexa’s mother called upon Alexa herself. Alexa’s mother’s voice carried throughout the castle walls and Alexa quickly scurried up and heeded to her mother’s call. Alexa ran out the door excited to her mother back from her trip to England. The young princess jumped up and down in excitement awaiting the untold wonders her mother had brought to share with her. The Queen only smiled sweetly at Alexa her beautiful curly blonde hair was tied up into a bun and her dress of green and black matched that of the young princess’, but only slightly different as it is more poufy at the sleeves to the bottom itself. The Queen’s long tail from the bottom of her dress dragged behind her, leaving glitter that soon melted in her wake.

        Alexa laughed and giggled. The young princess waited for her mother to settle back down as soon as the Queen’s servants placed all of her belongings back to their respective gowns of replacement. The Queen sat down on her chair of willow wood and gold etched cravings embedded in and looked out the window only to feel the presence of her young daughter, Alexa push herself onto her lap and sit with her as both watched the snowfall from their perching window. Alexa felt her mother’s hand pet her hair, but never did the Queen gaze upon Alexa eye to eye. The air was distilled and quiet. The halls echoed with the sounds of the creaking old castle. Leaving moans and groans behind from the howling wind. Alexa gazed at her mother and could no longer hold her excitement as she smiled ever so sweetly, her young cooing voice barely touched the ear of her wavering mother’s ear with only one single word to gain the Queen’s attention.


        The Queen gazed at Alexa and kept her eyes hidden behind a black veil only to pet Alexa’s little blushing cheek. Alexa gasped feeling her mother’s cold hands. The young princess whimpered and felt something changing within her mother, but maybe the passing of time had only made that ‘FEELING’ of a omitted production with the reflections in her head. Alexa paid no observance to it. Only to feel the slight quaintness that was her mother. The young heiress sighed and slowly moved her eyes down then back up to her mother’s gaze one more time. Alexa once again tugged on the Queen’s sleeve to gain her utmost attention. The Queen gazed once more at Alexa and tilted her head. Questioning what her young daughter could possibly want from her. Alexa gulped and gathered enough courage to ask her mother about her favorite pastime tale with a slight quiver within her young sweet voice.

        “Mama? C-Can…you tell me the story again?” Alexa questioned, only to leave her mother giggling and soon laughing to herself. The Queen smiled and nodded in agreement to the child’s plain request. Alexa patted the floor and sat comfortable waiting to hear her mother’s tale. The Queen sat upon her chair and inhaled deeply taking in the cold air and then starting to tell her story to the young princess, “Long ago, when man was young and the dragon already old, people lived in peace, for they were bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. The light of our divine protectors…but soon people began to fight over it. They wanted the light for themselves. And darkness was born in man’s hearts. The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many hearts of the people. It covered everything, and the world disappeared…and for our protectors…..the blessing TURNED INTO A CURSE!!!!’’ the Queen shouted with a startle of thunder and shock that made Alexa jump up, but only the sounds of Alexa’s mother’s giggles could be heard as she pats  Alexa’s back.

        “MAMA! That was not funny! That story is to scary!” Alexa proclaimed still in shock and was rather mad at her mother for her small prank. “I did not meant to scare you my sweet cherry blossom since, I saw you so down I tried to cheer that sad little face of yours’’ her mother said gently as she pulled on Alexa’s cute rosy cheeks. Alexa just took a deep breath and started laughing as well. she looked up at her mother and asked her, “Mom...was that silly story true?” Alexa’s mother made an expression of humor and laughed. “No sweetie of course not”, she laughed once more; “It was meant to scare you. My mother told me the same thing when, I was your age...I never believed in it remember it is all a fairy tale...they are not real Alexa…”

        Alexa remained in deep surprise and soon was shooed off by her mother. The young princess noticed a slight change in her mother. Never had the Queen ever even tried to scary any of her children and Alexa was baffled. The young heiress wondered where her father was and how he was doing. She deeply took in the idea that maybe he was still on business and left her mother to go home and take care of her children, Alexa and her elder brother Alexander. The ticking of the old grandfather clock echoed. The sound left a chilling reminder of the story that the Queen had told her young daughter, Alexa. Alexa returned to her chambers only to find her brother of 11 year of age going through Alexa’s things. Alexander was a cheerful boy with an incredible sense of justice. Though the young prince had his antics with Alexa and it made her boiling mad throughout the cold long winters ahead. Alexa saw her elder brother Alexander playing knights and dragons with her dolls. Especially with one of the dolls, she most held dear. Such a doll with a sweet smile upon its little clown face.

         Alexander took note of his young sister and stared at the striped black and white doll, throwing it aside shrugging at it as he laughed to himself, “Creepy monochrome depressing clowns are not my thing.”

        Alexa frowned and looked at her brother watching his cape hang over his shoulder, swaying back and forth, as it disappeared along with him. The young princess picked up her doll and threw it aside and quickly changed into her nightgown. The nightfall of snow gently fell endlessly, leaving the entire kingdom in awe of the power that blanketed the meadows and houses of the people below. Alexa soon drifted off into a deep slumber her sweet dreams. The following morning, Alexa and her brother strolled down the city streets with their mother. The children laughed and jumped up and down with excitement. This was the day for the Festival of Fools and everyone was dressed for the occasion. There were jugulars, fire-eaters and oddities of different natures all gathered in one place where performers of allover would come to entertain the people in their mischievous antics.

        Alexa looked around and laughed in excitement. The young princess pulled her mother from place to place showing all that there was to see. Her mother paid not mind as if she was looking around searching for something that intrigued her more than the festival itself. The Queen soon stopped and smiled and both her children stopped. Alexa stared at her mother. The Queen’s gaze fell upon a single old tattered bright blue and purple circus tent. The banners had smiles and colorful blue and purple streamers swaying back and forth in the breeze. The Queen gently pushed her children towards the opening of the tent and only smiled at both children. Alexa stared at her mother and felt a slight discomfort coming from the tent itself, but if her mother said it was okay then surely, it was okay to enter. Alexander grips his sister’s hand harder and both children entered the tent. Inside there were mirrors reflecting the children’s images back and forth in some prism of colors. Their images reflected off the mirrors and projected upon the walls. The lanterns creaked back and forth with their dimly glowing lights threatening to go out at any second. Alexander felt a slight chill go up his spine. A slight breath of air brushed against his neck making his hairs stand up on their ends.

        The children shook both wanting out, but both with the desire to keep going. Wondering what could possibly be at the end of the maze of reflections and illusions. Alexa wandered with her brother and soon hit the ending opening of the mirror maze and at the end of the tunnel one a stage a present of beautiful purple and blue wrapping paper sat. The present had upon its top a bow of silver and gold. The children laughed with glee and ran towards the box and both smiled at each other. Excitement swelled up within the children and both in sync grabbed the ends of the ribbon. Alexander took hold of the gold end and Alexa on the silver end. The children pulled and unraveled the ribbon of silver and gold. The present’s lid opened and out confetti of many colors busted out. The smoke of pink and blue intertwined with each other. On the corner of the room, an old dusty piano remained dormant. Instantly the old rusted room transformed. The smoke of pink and blue was filled with glittering stars almost as if it was magic itself. The old place began to come alive once again. The candles lite up in an array of colors and the old piano started to play on its own. A cheery yet, catchy tune came out from the old pipes of the old organ. Two voices are heard echoing from the distance.

        Alexa hugged her brother tightly and Alexander did the same. The children shook in freight, not knowing what they had done. The smoke fused into one color of purple and then detached from each other soon settling down to the ground as pink and blue. The smoke swirled and twisted into shapes, forms, and bursts downwards leaving two magic boxes in its wake. The boxes creaked open and one frail hand was shown coming out of the pink box as soon another broader hand of a male was shown emerging from the blue box. The children backed away and then gazed and gasp as a gust of wind flew the box doors open as two beings jumped out and twirled. The beings laughed and jumped on a ball that they magically made and both stood on the tip of the top of the ball, balancing themselves.

        The twin jester’s back were facing each other back to back, both holding each other’s hands from behind as they stared at the children. The female jester gazed at the children her deep magenta eyes glowed in the dark, as did the bangles on her wrists, ankles and hair. Her hair was in twin aquamarine pigtails that had gold bells at the ends that stuck out like the spikes of a porcupine from top to bottom. All the while, her jester skit swayed in the breeze. The skirt was all black but carried a pink poka-dot pattern upon it, as her top was all black with pink striped that went up and down and from left to right. The pink neck strap upon her neck glowed as well as her brother’s neon aqua one. The brother too adorns bracelets in his hair that looked like a jester hat. The male jester’s hair was in three ponytails. The ponytail was a deep neon blue color that glowed in the dark along with the rest of his clothes. His tight clothes looked as if they were his skin as well. The male jester wore a tight long sleeve turtleneck, which cut off to his shoulders, which then soon followed with a tight purple long sleeve that ended with his gloved hand. Upon his lower torso he had two twin belts that hung down at the ends there attached is two silver bells. The male jester smirked at the children as billowed pants shook and vibrated as he jumped off the ball.

        The twin jesters walked towards both children and danced around them both preforming tricks and magic for their everlasting delight. The bells on both of the twins’ elf shoes jingled making delightful sounds everywhere they went. Alexa laughed and giggled. Alexander clapped his hands in delight. The jesters bowed and both talked in rhythm and rhyme.

        “We serve the Queen on high our loyalty's unquestioned and unquestioned is our loyalty and until "that" day comes. We'll simply bide our time. Joined in a spiral cord. Connected forever and eternally and eternally and forever connected. Our fates entwined. Our coincidence,” both twins smiled and grinned as their smiles both touched their circle purple colored cheeks and kneeled to the little prince and princess both remaining silent.

        Alexa hugged her brother and gazed upon the multicolored jesters as they both laughed and giggled at the children. Alexa could only whimper and shake staring at the jesters and asked, “W-Who are you…”

        The male jester simply smiled widely his cat like glowing a deep purple. His eyes gazed down and simply spoke in a goofy tone. Both the Gemini twins laughed and spoke both at once, “Were we one, now two. Twins or two halves, or is it the same; the same is it, one of two or not. Memories of old echo of an older time.”

        The twin jesters both laughed and glared at the children and the blue jester squished his hands together revealing a flower for Alexa as he offers it to her as his sister offers a toy soldier to the brother. The children soon stopped frowning. Their frowns turned into sweet smiles. Alexander took the toy, pulled on the string of the soldier, and put it on the ground watching it walk as Alexa slowly took the flower from the blue jester and remains silent. Her quiet disposition rendered the blue jester asunder an in awe. He could only grin and watch as his sister smiled seeing the children pleased with their gifts.

        Alexander gazed upon the jesters and smiled at them both laughing and clapping his hands as they performed tricks for them and them only. “Oh boy! That is simply wonderful! Please tell us your names!” Alexander cheerfully replied. The jesters, both laughed and spun around the children and giggled offering them treats to their taste buds delight as they jumped upon a trapeze and swung high into the air. The blue male jester landed perfectly first and caught his sister, the pink jester and both spread their arms as confetti exploded from the piñatas above. Two banners in silver and gold fell down and revealed their names of the jesters. The young prince laughed and gasped in great delight about to yell their named out as his mouth his covered by the pink jester’s gloved hand. “Hush and shush. Shush and hush.” The pink jester replied.

        Both children remained silent as they were given a little music box. Alexander was about to open it, but then stopped by the blue jester and slowly looked up at him and blinked slowly. The blue jester gave instructions on how to use the box and how to see its entire splendor and the wonders that it held within.

        “We have been trapped her for sooo long. We are tired of being here. Trapped…We cannot leave our eternal prison, but you two...You two can help us were your friends. If you help us we will be at you beck and call,” the blue jester could only smile at the children and pet their sweet little faces. Alexander saw their sad faces and could only grieve for them both as he nodded and smiled so cheerfully never missing a beat only to reply in great harmony to the jesters. “Okay! I will help you! No! Me and my sister will help both of you!” Alexander grabbed his sister and smiled at both of the twin jesters.

        Alexa gasped and nodded no and whimpered as she sighed and could not help it. She nodded in agreement and remains as silent as she ever was. The blue jester kneeled, patted the music box, laughed so cheerfully, gazed into Alexander’s eyes, and told him the rules on how to use the box. “You both are so kind to help us. To use this box only the pure of heart may call us! Once you do we will play with you forever and finally be free of the old curse that binds us here. All you have to do is say this little rhyme. You must say it right and remember it. If you do not…we will stay here forever and never again see the light of day. We will never be able to come and play with you both. We want someone to be our friends. So, please summon us. Please be our friends?” The blue jester smiled and so did his sister. Both of the jesters hugged each other and pet the children’s faces not until disappearing without leaving two cards behind. One card was blue and the other pink and both had pictures of two different types of candy. Hinting to the names of the jesters as their voices both whispered echoing leaving a chilling message. “And remember….to share…” The voices left Alexa shaking and whimpering as she stared at the box.

        Alexander picked both of the cards up and put them in his pocket. Alexa being as curious as she was wanted to see the box, but only could feel her brother slap her little hand away as she frowned and whimpered. Alexander stared at Alexa and nodded no. “This is not for you! You might break it and besides why would I let a baby like you use it!” Alexa frowned and jumped up and down trying to get the music box only to be shoved away by her brother as she frowns and looks at him. “Fine keep, your silly music box! I don’t want it anyway!” Alexa crossed her arms and remained silent, but still. She could not hope to shake away that feeling of curiosity. Of what could happen. If she did open the box.

        Days past since that pastime at the festival and throughout the nights Alexa could hear laughter coming from Alexander’s room. Alexa heard her brother all throughout the night, but still the child’s curiosity grew even more. Was a silly little music box that two jesters gave them really that fun? How could it? Alexa had to find out. However, since that day at the festival her brother, Alexander began to get distant. He was always locked up in his room, always in isolation, but the laughing never ceased. Alexa began to grow more and more worried of her brother. One cold dark night, Alexa finally mounted enough courage to go to her brother’s room. The young princess quickly slipped on her slippers and then grabbed the lantern, lighting it in the process. Alexa slowly opened her door and tiptoed to the end of the hallway where her brother remained inside isolation.

        The doorknob to Alexander’s room slowly turned clockwise as the door of heavy oak slowly cracked open. Alexa looked inside seeing her brother inside. Slowly Alexa walked into the room and whimpered. Alexa looked around the room and saw her brother’s things on the floor. The lights flashed on and off in her brother’s room and from behind her the lights revealed the faint smear of blood could be seen on the walls. Alexa took no mind to it; she never turned to gaze at what is on the walls behind her. The young princess looked around at the dark room and soon discovering the music box in the very corner of the room. Quickly Alexa kneeled down placing her lantern to the side of her and grabbing the music box her brother held so dear.

        Alexa gazed upon the music box and soon after saw that the music box was locked. Looking around Alexa found a shiny key on the floor with the distinct marks engraved upon the key. Swirls and gems embedded on the key. Alexa looked at the lock upon the music box and inserted the key inside the lock and slowly turned it. The music box opened instantly and soon two little jester figures stood upon a pedestal and both looked as if they were dancing. Alexa slowly turned the key that was behind the music box and the little chimes that came from the music box itself sounded distorted.

        The music box began play slowly a sweet haunting tune. Alexa knew this tune well. The tune was one her mother would sing to her every night when she would tuck her in to sleep. The young princess soon followed along singing slowly and softly in the night as the music plays slowly. “Come little children, I'll take thee away. Into a land of enchantment. Come little children, the times come to play. Here in my garden of shadows…” the music soon stopped. Alexa stared at the music box, whimpered, put the box down as she looked down, and picked up her lantern as she turned around and upon her the corpse of her brother lying against the ceiling. His body twisted and mangled sticking to the ceiling. Alexa screamed and saw the body of her brother burst up into flames.

        Alexa panted and backed away as she quickly leaves the music box behind. The hallways quickly filled with smoke and Alexa screamed for her mother and cried hard. Her tears flowed so heavily down her cheeks as she panted heavily and whimpers. Running frantically into her mother’s room and looked around seeing the fireplace lit up lightly. The light from the fire lit the room all over in a haunting warm glow and Alexa quickly went to her mother, grabbed her hand and shook it uncontrollably. Alexa’s screams and cries carried throughout the hallways as she tried to gain her mother’s attention.

        “Mama! MAMA! Please! Please mama! Wake up! There is fire and blood! Something is wrong! Alexander! Mama please! PLEASE! He-“Alexa soon was cut off by the sound of her mother’s lightly laughter, but soon is stopped abruptly as the Queen stood up and slowly turned around. The Queen’s head turned slightly and staring at Alexa, her eyes gleamed slight light purple. Alexa panted and nodded no. The young princess backed away bumped into something big behind her. Alexa shook and turned around seeing her father as she gasps and hugs him deeply thinking that he finally returned home from his trip. The King hugged Alexa tightly and pet Alexa’s head slowly. Petting her little back and gripping her hard.

        Alexa panted and cried hard screaming what had happened to her brother. Explaining that they had to leave now before something else happened. The King chuckled and comforted his young daughter. “There, there my little sweet puff. There nothing wrong…yes…nothing…wrong.” The King begins to grip Alexa hard and Alexa’s screams are being heard. The young princess slaps her father hard as she can and pushes him away with her little hands and backs away from her father. Upon seeing her father, he gets up grinning. Alexa backed away and gapes at her father. The King cracked his head and opened his arm and smiles only ever so sweetly. “Are you not going to give your daddy a hug sweetie pie?”

        Alexa nodded no knowing that these were not her parents. The princess ran out the door screaming crying hoping that anyone could hear her cries. Laughter echoed through the hallways. Alexa’s heart pounded and pounded harder. She panicked and cried hoping to find somewhere to hide. Alexa tried every door and eventually found a closet to hide into as soon as she hid the smell of decay could be heard. Alexa looked behind her slowly and hanging in the grand closet, the bodies of her parents already reeking of weeks of decay. Alexa shuddered and backed away. Quickly Alexa ran out of the closet, but felt something grab her from behind and cover her mouth quickly as she pants. The young girl soon hears a hush whispered into her ear and shivers as her tears flow heavily down her cheeks.

        A slimy feeling crept up her neck as she pants and screeches in disgust as she cries even harder and is pinned down to the ground. Alexa pleaded and cried for help for anyone someone to come, but to no avail. “Please! Please! Let me go! Who are you?! WH-“ Alexa’s voice is cut off by a gloved hand as her shake eyes trembled to the mere sight of the whispers that were coming from behind her. The male voice carried such bloodlust in it that made young Alexa scream. The voice hinted the grand murderous schemes that this man committed. Another voice a female giggled throughout the hallway. Her laughter echoed and coiled one with the wind. Alexa shut her eyes nodding no. Deeply wanting out, but there was no way out. No way back. Time had cease for her and the young princess knew this was it. The final end to her story.

        The male gripped Alexa harder, clawing at her skin ripping her dress as he grinning so baleful, showing the shredding teeth that alike to razor sharp knives that would soon bite into his next victim. The female grabbed Alexa’s lantern and relit it showing their faces to her. Alexa nodded no. Thinking that the twin jesters were her friends, but she was wrong. Alexa was wrong about everything. She knew, she knew at that moment in the tent something was wrong. Something was off by her so-called ‘friends’. Alexa panted and whimpered as he stared at the pink jester covered in the blood of her own brother. The laughter she heard from his room she heard days ago was his madness overtaking him. Alexander had laughed himself to death from the antics of these twisted shattered, Gemini’s. Both the jesters were now joined in a spiral cord. Once one now deemed in front of Alexa’s very eyes were now two. Two manifestations that both played and slaughtered in a joyful unison, Alexa could not accept it. The young princess glared at the female pink jester of adoring neon colors. Alexa quickly saw her monochrome doll of black and white stripes lying on the floor from her brother throwing it aside weeks ago. Alexa quickly grabbed the doll and by its distinctive cone shaped nose, she uses it to stab the male jester holding her in his grip in the eye and quickly drops the doll. That doll with its never-ending smiles almost as if it knew.

        The male and female jesters screeched in pain and both hissed and shrieked in deep anger, both turned into pink and blue mistlike from before and combine into one purplish gas of glitter and confetti. The gloves ripped apart from the combined jesters’ hands as they developed into claws. The face ripped open from both sides showing its sharp rezoning teeth dripping with the flesh and blood from Alexander. The hell bound fool soon charged at Alexa. Alexa ran and screamed running towards the fire that burned so brightly. The same glow that she found so comforting in her room within her own fireplace. Quickly Alexa ran into her brother’s burning room and looked for the music box that held the twin jesters now combined into some hell bound creature. Alexa panted and searched frantically screaming and yelling.

        “Where is it?! WHERE IS IT?!” Alexa could not think straight, her heart pounded and she heard a cracking of the wood and the fall of the first tower from the castle. The fire has already reached the pinnacle peak of the base of the tower both below and in the ceiling itself. Embers of wood crackled it spread from the grand hallways to Alexa’s parent’s bedroom. Alexa heard a deep growl of the twin jesters combined voices from behind her. She quickly turned around and sees the neonic hell bound clawing at the walls and then climbing on the ceiling like some spider searching for its pray. Alexa screamed making the Gemini catch her attention towards her. The young heiress backed away and screamed seeing the beast open is gaping mouth and wrapping its long tongue around her left leg. Alexa screamed and cried in upmost horror, she quickly looked around and grabbed a burning plank of wood and threw it in the beast’s eyes. The fused shattered jester screeched and backed away banging it’s head on the floor.

        The Gemini began to glitch repeatedly and within that it instant split back into the twins. Both twins laughed at once and the jester of neon blue soon got back up. He swayed back and forth and got up quickly seeing his sister grinning just staring at him and nodding silently. The berry blue jester gasped and slowly turned his head towards Alexa and stared at her as he slaps the falling wood away from him. Alexa is then picked up by the end of her collar and rose to the burning flames screaming begging to be released.

        “Please! Please! S-Stop!” Alexa kicked and screamed. The virile cobalt fool would have none of it and slammed Alexa to the ground grinning manifesting a hammer of many colors. Alexa felt the azure fool’s elf like belled boot push against her ribs breaking some in the process. The temperature grew higher and flames more violent with each passing minute. Alexa heard the grandfather clock ticking back and forth going backwards. Time was running out and Alexa screamed upon seeing the giant mallet’s frontal face engraved with a smiley face sent down upon her. Alexa gasped and grabbed burning ash and throws it into the jester’s face making him screech an unholy screech. The windows break and the ground shakes heavily with one blow the fires cease and the snow breaks into where the broken windows once were. Alexa backed away and scooted staring at the irate jester.

        The azure haired jester panted glaring at Alexa through one eye as half of his face burnt off. He could only smile. Smiling his ever so wicked smile and slowly sways back and forth walking towards Alexa and clawing at the walls pushing her against it as he leans in so closely towards her ear and whispers in a deep growling voice, “Do you believe in fairytales now my dear?” Alexa gasped as the creature mimicked the voice of her mother. As all this time her mother, whom she loved so dearly was long dead. The burnt undistinguished bodies that hung in the closet she hid in were indeed that of her parents. Alexa nodded no and screamed trying to push the jester of blue and purple off her as she feels a sharp pain on her chest and screams out unholy shrieks of horror. Alexa slapped and feels the jester claw at her skin ripping it to shreds. The young heiress’ vision starts to fade as she sees herself fall to the ground and only sees a blurry image of the azure jester gazing back down at her grinning, laughing, mocking her. The jester picked up the music box from under the rubble and turned the key and put the box down leaving it open for Alexa to listen to the distorted tune chiming in the air. The fool could only laugh and walk away out into the white blanketed fields of snow and ice. Only to gaze back at Alexa saying his final words.

        “Now you will share the curse. Remember child. Always share.”

        The cobalt jester was soon joined hand in hand with his sister, as both were finally free to spread their games and lessons on. Sharing. The next day all that remained from the fire was the remains of a once grand kingdom. Brought down over night. Upon the walls of the grand clock tower writing in blood of the many decapitated victims were two names both with smiling faces drawn next to the names. The words, “Candy Pop and Candy Cane” was endowed upon the wall of the clock tower for all who passed by to see and as for young Alexa all that remained was a closed music box and a doll that smiled ever so gently.


~The End~

Written by XXDirtyNightClownsXX

Revised by XSuicideCircusX