"Oh come on! You're not afraid of ghost do you!" , "No? why i should be afraid of ghosts?", said two teen boys of 14 and 15 year old Joshua and Carter. The two boys decide to visit the place of an old burned farm,because carter was thinking it was fun to make a scary ghost story before halloween, but Joshua was so scare of ghosts because he hated when he was watching horror movie with ghost who kill people. So the two boys was challenging each other...because they wanted to know who will go in the farm Joshua said he will stay in the farm all of the night. "Because if you're a pussy", "I am not a pussy". "You know what! That boy have the same name has you!", "I don't believe you", so Carter tell the story of the old burned farm.

Story of Burned Face Joshua

In the year of 1834 in Monroe,Georgia, was living an teenage half african american caucasian slave named Joshua, he living with his two parents and a older brother named Nathaniel 17 year old. Joshua was 14 year old and living a happy life with his family, he was working for the Davis family this family was not really good with their slave, they same treated them really bad and slached them when they are too slow, Joshua was fear by these people who was his owners, but find comfort with his family at their home. One day a child named Sarah went missing, so the police tries to find the young girl, they said she might be runaway or kidnapped when she was at the market. The parents know they told their slaves to go to the market with their child , and do not lost them to keep a eye on them. But the little girl was out of one of the slave sight, when the police found the girl dead bodie in the river they see she was burned, so the people became suspicious about Joshua father. The father of Joshua was now accused for raped , and mudered the young girl, a mob of angry white people included their owners go to Joshua family house. After see what going on Joshua and his family was scared, when the people break into the house Joshua see his parents be killed, when he wanted to protect his oloder brother someone grabbed him and burning his face with a torch. Joshua see his brother be killed by the mob, Joshua was killed after his entire family died, and the mob decide to burn the house with the copse inside.

"What! Are you kidding me!", "No! I am not", Joshua look at the old house with fear and Carter continue by telling him. "Some people said they smell burning flesh", "What the fuck! Man!", the two boys continue to talk, but Carter enjoy the moment to see his friend be scared. "I know you was a pussy!", "I am not! I will prove it!", Joshua decide to go in the house. When Joshua was walking in the burned house, fear was writed on his face he see broken widows smelly horrible bed, he can't believe a family was living there long time ago. When he smell something else like fire and burning flesh, The young boy was now scared almost to crap his pants, because someone else was with him in the house, when Joshua turn around he see a boy with a burned face grabbing him with ferocity that make the young boy scream.

"What the fuck?", Carter heard the scream of his friend, he decide to go inside the house. "Joshua are you there?", no answer Carter now worried for his friend and looking for him, "Joshua! please stop hiding !". Carter jump after hear the floor crackle under his footsteps, he see a old table now burned with assetand cups. The young boy still called his friend that still no answer, Carter suddenly stop because he heard something, but he also smell scent of burning flesh. "Is anyone there?", said Carter now scared for real, suddenly he grabbed and pushed into the wall and knock out. When he open his eyes, he see with horror the burned bodie of his friend and the an tall boy with half burned face approaching him, "No no no! Please! NO!", it was his last scream.

The two boys went missing during the 21th day of October, witnesses said they see two boys go to the old burned farm, when the police go there they found nothing from the boys. When they enter the house all they smell was scent of burning flesh and ashes, without knowing someone else was watching and go to prepare his revenge on his next victims.

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