It must have been the greatest feeling she'd ever had; the thrill in the chase, the feeling of power, playing god, having the life of another in your hands, there screams as they see that your is last face they will ever see, if they could see your face. Grinning behind her mask the woman slammed her crowbar deep into the filthy man head. His head Smashed open, spilling that red crimson everywhere. With no feelings of remorse she struck the mans body; more crimson splashed out of his demolished head and onto the woman's hands and cloths. It was done, they say the first kill is the hardest but this one was easy. Pick a scum ball rapeist, let him talk you outside, lead him down an ally, don your welding mask and smash his face in. "In one night alone I did more to save people than my good for nothin' father could ever do." Chuckled the small woman, brushing her bloody hands though her hair. Slowly her smile dropped and she through her crowbar at the floor and screamed. "That horrible horrible man!" Enraged she kicked the crops hard in the chest, breaking more of his ribs. "He should die!" She shouted, going to pick her weapon up again but something stopped her. ".... No.... I can't kill him.... What makes him any different from this pig? He's a slanted cop... he lets so much of this crap go on behind his back as he takes more and more bribes from... them." Forcing her hand foreword she picked her weapon up; as she did she caught a glimpse of herself. The eighteen year old stopes for a moment. Her hand and arms where covered in blood, the long brown hair also matted with it. Her deep blue trousers and tight leather jacket had dots of blood on them, the only thing that seemed spared was her thick metals welding mask. Hannah frowned at her image. "Now that's strange, I look so inhuman." She chuckled looking at here blood stained hands. "I should at least smile." Pulling a grin she drew a bloody smirk onto her mask. "Much better." Standing she swung her weapon at the air. "If you want something done then do it yourself. That's what you told be, broken Father."

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