Body Bags (1993)01:30:19

Body Bags (1993)

Directed by:

John Carpenter

Tobe Hooper

Produced by:

Dan Angel

John Carpenter

Sandy King

Written by:

Billy Brown

Dan Angel


Stacy Keach

David Warner

Sheena Easton

Debbie Harry

Mark Hamill


Robert Carradine

The first story, "The Gas Station", features Robert Carradine as a serial killer, with cameos by Sam Raimi and Wes Craven. "Hair" follows Stacy Keach as he receives a botched hair transplant that infests him with an alien parasite, and "Eye" is another transplant story, this time featuring Mark Hamill as a baseball player who loses an eye in a car accident and receives a transplant, only to be overtaken with the personality of the eye's previous owner: a murderous misogynist.

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