The woman was screaming. Trying to give birth to a new family member. A family member that she did not want in truth, but there she was giving birth to the child. "Keep pushing. I can see the baby's head," said one of the midwives as she was trying her best to help out with the birthing of this new child. She had heard rumors about Mrs. Leeds, but she had dismissed them as ramblings from drunks or loons. Several hours had passed when Mrs. Leeds had gone into labor and a boy was born. The midwife gave the child to Mrs. Leeds after she cleaned it. The child had blonde hair and blue eyes and the midwife thought he was a beautiful child, but then the child started turning red and it's feet started turning into cloven hooves. What was once a boy, began to grow bat-like wings out of his back, his neck and face began to elongate, and his hands turned into claws.The creature suddenly roared and started mauling Mrs. Leeds. The thing began to slash at her face. Skin and muscle tissue flew all over the place, as well as her eyes being torn out of her sockets. Mrs. Leeds screamed and screamed until she died of shock and blood loss. The horrified midwife tried to run, but the being grabbed a hold of her and tore out her throat. It also mauled the rest of the midwives. The last thing the midwife saw was this "devil" flying out of the chimney and into the forest where it has lived ever since.

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