I can't say this,I really can't. If anyone is reading this,Do not delete this page,It's too dangerous.

I guess that some dolls are possessed by many spirits. And that It is unknown how they are there.

Date: May 1,2011

Hi,this is not happening right now,I was 10 when this happened,It was May 11,2011. The last day of school would be in 19 days.

Like any day around this time,My sister was playing with her Barbie dolls. She played for hours,But then,she discovered something.

Her Barbie doll was possessed.

She discovered it by finding out that the doll's eyes were green instead of blue.

She screamed and told Mom,Mom didn't believe her. She cried and threw the doll to the floor,she kicked it down the stairs. She shut herself in her room and didn't come out.

I,myself,wasn't sure what happened. Because It wasn't normal for her doll to be possessed. And Back then,I didn't believe in ghosts anyway.

But I do now.

Date: June 4,2013

I am now 12 years old,My sister encountered another possessed Barbie doll.

It started off with her playing with her dolls. The other doll from 2 years ago was locked up in a box and shoved way deep in her closet.

She then looked into a doll's eyes,this time,her eyes were red instead of Brown. She screamed her fucking head off.

She ran all the way outside.

She just sat on the front porch,crying. I heard her screaming,"I'm haunted!" All the way from my room.

I knew what was going on now.

There was a ghost.

I went downstairs.

I looked in her room,There laid a knife on her bed,with another one of her dolls torn open with black ink everywhere.

I was terrified.

Date: August 9,2016

I am now 15.

I got a letter today. It said: 

"Hello Ian,

I am after you.

You will die in a lot of ways.

I know where you live.

I know how you sleep.

Check your door,You will not see me.

I am a ghost.


Date: November 29,2017

Hello. If you are reading this,I want to inform you that I am currently about to hang myself,I am posting one more post before I die.

My sister had died because of her Barbie doll.

Barbie slit her throat with a knife.

She shoved her body under her bed.

I want to Join my sister.

She was only 9.

So Barbie Is now coming for me next,and I thought that I must kill myself to prevent her from killing me.


This is the end of me.

I'm Sorry If I do this,but I don't wanna live without a sister.