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• 7/17/2015


1. Please do not ask for admin. You have to earn it. The way to earn is to have more than 400 edits, active and never ban before. 

2. You have to ask permission to add a Photo to a story. You can ask the Admin or the writer and then it will be added. And it also has to be something that has to deal with the story. Photos that have nothing to do with the story with be taken down and get a 24 hour ban. If you do put a Photo that something to do with the story but not asked to put it on the story from a admin or the writer, you will get a warning and a 1 hour ban from editing. 

(note: These rules will be put on the NEW RULES area on the home page. In a month it will be moved to the offical rules)

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• 7/19/2015

Thanks 4 telling me :)

• 7/19/2015

thanks for letting us know,sorry for not being that active anymore my Chrome browser wont let me open the site anymore so im replying with Internet Explorer right now .since im already an admin this rules dont apply to me right? -DarkAngelPuppet

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