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Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been ...
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Is anyone still on this site and if so how can we make it more active again

im gone a lot i know i have fashion school i need to do my work stuff and i rewrite my creepypasta doujinshi but i check in every morning my question ...
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We are now not going to allow People who have not sign in to edit. They can comment but they cant actaully edit the wikia.
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Categories, man people make new ones

NEW RULE: People are now not allow to make categories unless they are a admin. The Reason why is because 7/24/2015 A user keep adding categories so no...
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1. Please do not ask for admin. You have to earn it. The way to earn is to have more than 400 edits, active and never ban before. 
2. You have to ask p...
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Does this wiki have the screening problem?

If so the Community Central Wiki staff is working on the problem.
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Creepypasta Land: Writing Classes

Hello. This is Lolmasters, with a new Way to help members, Improve on the quality of their stories! Things like, Punctuation, Grammar, and the overall...
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Big news!

Hello fellow Horror Purists! This is lolmasters, and I am here to inform you that the Creepypasta Land Wiki, is now on instagram so be sure to follow ...
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Can we change the background for the live chat and Forum Activity Boxes?

im sorry it is just harder to read with that background and the red writing also maybe something creepier i dont think campfire is really so fitting.
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Hey, everyone. My story was just taken down, not from this wiki (which is awesome) but from the other Creepypasta wiki. Due to their "No spinoff rule". Not only this, but they allow some older spinoff

It is discriminatory, and cruel to new writers
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hey there friends!

so i am just about to finish year 7 in high school and guess what? I HAVE NOTHING TO DO OR SAY!!!
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1. If you see a trollpasta, Deleted it and put it to bad creepypasta land wikia. 
2. Ban the person for 1 week 
3. Give them a warning
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Proposals on the Improvement of the Wiki

I was thinking about certain things we could do to improve this wiki up a bit, and here are my proposals:
1) Improve the front page: Let's make it...
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Cautionary Warning from CPW

Stories by Slimebeast(such as Abandoned by Disney, Funnymouth, and Room Zero) as well as Candle Cove have to removed from this wiki as they were remov...
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Nina the killer

Um, is it just me or .... did the reator literally just admit to being a fan girl by writing "Her hero Je- .... Bubble nose"
Also the spellin...
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