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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/4/2016

Is anyone still on this site and if so how can we make it more active again

im gone a lot i know i have fashion school i need to do my work stuff and i rewrite my creepypasta doujinshi but i check in every morning my question is who is still here and how can we make it more active again like how it was in the beginning ? also please dont use the word and too much. i just edited the home site to make it sound not so repetitive
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• 8/26/2015


We are now not going to allow People who have not sign in to edit. They can comment but they cant actaully edit the wikia.
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• 7/24/2015

Categories, man people make new ones

NEW RULE: People are now not allow to make categories unless they are a admin. The Reason why is because 7/24/2015 A user keep adding categories so now we admins will delete the categories and block (if need to) the person for a week. 
Please Be Warned
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• 7/17/2015


1. Please do not ask for admin. You have to earn it. The way to earn is to have more than 400 edits, active and never ban before. 
2. You have to ask permission to add a Photo to a story. You can ask the Admin or the writer and then it will be added. And it also has to be something that has to deal with the story. Photos that have nothing to do with the story with be taken down and get a 24 hour ban. If you do put a Photo that something to do with the story but not asked to put it on the story from a admin or the writer, you will get a warning and a 1 hour ban from editing. 
(note: These rules will be put on the NEW RULES area on the home page. In a month it will be moved to the offical rules)
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• 5/19/2015

Does this wiki have the screening problem?

If so the Community Central Wiki staff is working on the problem.
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• 2/22/2015

Creepypasta Land: Writing Classes

Hello. This is Lolmasters, with a new Way to help members, Improve on the quality of their stories! Things like, Punctuation, Grammar, and the overall quality of their pastas!!! Writing classes, for Each of the members! And yes, this has been approved by our a lustrous FOUNDER, MrAngryDog.
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• 2/18/2015

Big news!

Hello fellow Horror Purists! This is lolmasters, and I am here to inform you that the Creepypasta Land Wiki, is now on instagram so be sure to follow us there to hear about the latest news floating around about on the site! See ya there 😗😄😄😄😄
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• 2/1/2015

Can we change the background for the live chat and Forum Activity Boxes?

im sorry it is just harder to read with that background and the red writing also maybe something creepier i dont think campfire is really so fitting.
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• 1/23/2015
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• 12/15/2014

hey there friends!

so i am just about to finish year 7 in high school and guess what? I HAVE NOTHING TO DO OR SAY!!!
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• 10/11/2014


1. If you see a trollpasta, Deleted it and put it to bad creepypasta land wikia. 
2. Ban the person for 1 week 
3. Give them a warning
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• 4/25/2014

Proposals on the Improvement of the Wiki

I was thinking about certain things we could do to improve this wiki up a bit, and here are my proposals:
1) Improve the front page: Let's make it a little less cluttered and a bit more organized, that way we can do more on the front page without having chaos dealt to it. A big part of this is to: include all the rules into one section, not two, a page separate to have news (best to use templates), an added welcoming note to the front page, and finally, a symbol for this wiki.
2) Add usable music for profiles: As with CP Wiki, we should also include music for user profiles and talk pages if people want to do so. It would increase the morale of those here and allow for a substantially nicer time here.
3) Renames for certain Pastas: Now we also have to start renaming pastas with mistakes such as "Creepypasta" being on the title, capitalization errors, punctuation errors and grammatical errors. This would make it easier to put into categories using alphabetical ordering, and would make it easier for people to find said pastas on the search bar.
4) Redo the background: Whilst the background is significantly different from other horror sites, and I do think it's good, I think a more fitting background would be a better, more feasable thing to do. However, decision of said background, should this proposal get greenlit, should go into votes of the backgrounds.
These are my proposals on the improvement for the Wiki. If anyone agrees or disagrees with any one of these, please tell me.
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• 2/22/2014

Cautionary Warning from CPW

Stories by Slimebeast(such as Abandoned by Disney, Funnymouth, and Room Zero) as well as Candle Cove have to removed from this wiki as they were removed from ours due to a liscensing issue. Slimebeast has a liscense which is incompatible with the wiki's currently license. If the stories are to stay up, there is a chance the wikia staff may have to take over the wiki, as I am not an asshole and would like to see this wiki stay up, I'd suggest removing those stories ASAP.
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• 2/11/2014

Nina the killer

Um, is it just me or .... did the reator literally just admit to being a fan girl by writing "Her hero Je- .... Bubble nose"
Also the spelling wasn't the best along with poor grammar 
and the over all story was just well

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